Students are invited to apply for a student award through the Students’ Treasure Chest. The award may help the student address an emergency situation or take advantage of an upcoming educational opportunity. Priority will be given to students whose future at East Carolina University may be in jeopardy.

Students and faculty members are encouraged to nominate students in need, or students may nominate themselves through the award application. Applications are received online on a continuing basis, and awards are allocated year round. Awards do not have to be paid back, but must be reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid before being given.

Please note that most STC Awards are $500 or less and should go toward individual student needs. Applications are read on a weekly basis, and students will receive e-mail notification once their application has been reviewed.

We ask that you not submit duplicate applications  and if you have questions about your application, please email 

Examples of requests that we may fund include:

  • Emergency situations or extenuating circumstances impacting a student’s academic success (house/apartment fire, significant medical emergency, accidents, etc.)
  • Opportunities to present at national conferences, presentations for research, etc.
  • Food, books, etc. when impacted by other extenuating circumstances
Items that we typically don’t fund (but will still review as applicable):
  • Tuition (including payment plans or remaining balances), rent, car payments, major car repairs, car/health insurance premiums or other planned expenses
  • Utilities, gas or child care bills
  • Monthly payments of support

Items we will not fund: 

  • Requests for funding that goes towards supporting family members, children, spouses or any individuals other than the student
  • Requests that indicate that the student intends to “put funds in savings”

Looking for HEERF Grants Application?

These funds have been exhausted and there are no additional grants available related to COVID-19/HEERF funds.

If you have financial needs related to the impact of COVID-19, please make sure you complete your FAFSA and consider filing a special circumstances petition for consideration.

Complete an Award Application:

Any ECU student in good academic standing is eligible to apply for an opportunity or emergency award. Fill out and submit the embedded form at the right (or below, if you are on a mobile device) titled STUDENT FUNDING APPLICATION to find out if you are eligible. Applications that are incomplete will not be considered.

After completing the online form, please complete the Student Financial Release Form and follow directions to complete the application process.


Submit a 3rd Party Nomination:

To nominate a student for a student award, please e-mail their name and Banner ID to The student will then be contacted to complete an award application.


If you have questions about the application process, please e-mail us

E-mail the STC




Access the Students’ Treasure Chest Funding Application Here